Rebel Log


RebelLog is a multidisciplinary artist – composer, singer, music producer and choreographer – originally from Rio de Janeiro and based in Frankfurt. She creates music with voice, electronics / analogue synths and also develops soundscapes for dance, theatre and film.
RebelLog is the “trying to be incognito” alias of G. Rebello, so the creation remains in the focus.
_“Most of my creations start with vocals, when my tinnitus harmonises with synth melodies…the parts I like best in my tracks I must sing with nonsense vowels over and over again, often full of lamenting, like a distressed animal.”
#Electronic, #Ambient, #Experimental – #TheatricalElectronicMusic

Ec(h)o Melancholia – Latest Album

Sing and Run from  the Album 2021 Motoric Poetry Project – Music RebelLog / Moving : Katja Mustonen

New single out + online - Foto by David Poertner

Album 2018

New album out on Oct.13th 2019

Album Miss Refu_G.


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Miss Refu_G.