Complete Curriculum Vitae Multimedia Multilingual

2022 Highlights:

+ Music Producer / Composer  – Ec(h)o Melancolia – digital album with 9 tracks. (Streaming) Released in October 2022. With the support of the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the Neustart Kultur Fonds and Gema Germany.

+ Researcher/teacher  – In August 2022, also during the Corona crisis she published a research: “Digitally naïve vs. Cyber-savvy vs. Agbogbloshie in High Frequency Trade” with a philosophical background essay (published here) & short catalog of possible mediation tools / performance formats that address issues of digital / online literacy and environmental sustainability using dance, music and poetry as a medium.

Here two workshops were especially developed for/with young people: Digitale Ureinwohner:innen Stand up! Mach(t) mit! “(“Digital natives: Stand up! Join in!”) at the PifT 2022 – Politik in freien Theater Festival Frankfurt by the  Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung on 04.10.2022 ( and  – and at the “Tanztag” –  Project by the Tanzplatform Rhein Main on 05.12.2022.

The research was  supported by #takeheart  – Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of Neustart Kultur Fonds. Cooperation partner Künstler:innenhaus Mousonturm.

+ Dance Teacher among others – “Antanzen” – Project von Tanzplattform Rhein-Main – Antanzen Wiesbaden 15.01., und 05.02.22  at Staatstheater Wiesbaden / Antanzen Darmstadt  26.03.,  26.11. und 17.12. 22 at Staatstheater Darmstadt.

+ Dance Teacher / lecturer –  “Move on“-  Further Education workshops for professional lecturers / dance pedagogues in cultural education. Lag Tanz NRW-

Music producer for several productions and Pilates teacher  – Ongoing

+ Extra: Interviewed by Paolo Fossa Podcast “Bildung Entwicklung Tanz – Educational Development Dance from Paolo Fossa in Collaboration with Judith-Elisa Kaufmann – December 22 (Podcast)

2021 / 20 Highlights:

+ Music Producer / Composer  – Motoric Poetry Project” (digital album with 19 tracks released in April 2021. With the support of the Hessische Kultur Stiftung,

+ Researcher  – In March 2021, also during the Corona crisis  she published a research on issues of digitality and live art. Visit . The research was funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

+ Music Producer / Composer  – Project “Disintegration & Presence” from ERi Funahashi Geen / Jorge Bascunan. Mai /June 2021

Fado Atlantico with Liliane Xavier – Link to Bandcamp

+ Music Producer / Composer / Video maker  – 1.”Fado Atlantico” (with Liliane Xavier) – published on the online site of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (Tanztheaterwuppertalcreate). and 2. “Cicada in Quarantine MMXX” co-produced with Maria Kobzeva & Gallus Theater in Frankfurt. 2020

with Maria Kobzeva – Youtube Link

+ Dance Teacher DAS PLATEAU – 2020  und ANTANZEN

F r o m   2 0 1 9    b a c k w a r d …

+ Dance Teacher – Modern/Contemporary Dance in Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst – Akademie des Tanzes in Mannheim – 2019

+ Music producer / Composer – Album “Sonica Flowing 828” (2019) and Dor de Cotovelo / #Ele, i ções 2018 (2018)   by RebelLog (alias)

+ Dance Teacher /Choreographer – Modern Dance/Tanztheater “Ballet Dortmund Summer Academy ” and NRW Junior Ballet – 2018

+ Sonic Body/teacher – Workshop at Jugend Jazzt festival – a project of the Deutscher Musikrat – 2018.

+ Lecturer at Angel Vianna Escola e Faculdade de Dança Rio de Janeiro – Workshop –  2018

+ Music producer / Composer – Album Miss Refu_G.   by RebelLog (alias)  – 2017

+ Pilates and Dance Teacher (substitute) Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts 2017/18

+ Master of Arts – 2018 – Master of Contemporary Dance Education

+ Master of Arts Studies 2018 – 2016 ( Small sponsor from Stiftung Tanz ) at the “Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main (the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts). Direction: Prof. Ingo Diehl. Team: Susanne Triebel, Célestine Hennermann. Some Lecturers: Gabriele Wittmann, Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst, Trude Cone, Ka Rustler, Heike Lehmke, Marcus Droß, Dr. Scott de Lahunta, Katharine Sehnert, Frank-Max Müller, Prof. Dr. phil. Ulf Henrik Göhle, Dr.Christina Deloglu-Kahlert, Dr. Wibke Hartewig, Jason Adam Jacobs, Nora Kimball-Mentzos, Russel Maliphant, Bettina Masuch, Dr. Lemmer Schmid, Sandra Noeth, Anja Bornsek, among others. Ma CoDE /HfMDK Page.   Few highlights of the study program:

+ 7th – 10th February 2018 – Field trip to Dresden – thematic approaches on dance heritage. In cooperation with the project Tanzfonds Erbe Villa Wigman für Tanz e.V. – contemporary training approaches to Mary Wigman for different target groups in Dresden.

+ 26.November – 1. December 2017 – Training Total at K3 Hamburg for 10 years Tanzplan Deutschland. In co-operation with K3 at Kampnagel in Hamburg and the HZT Berlin,

+ 16. – 20. October 2017 – The former Wigman student Katharine Sehnert teaches Wigman-Technique.

+ 24. – 29. July 2017 – European Summer School of Hollins University. The annual three-week-residency is a cooperation between MA CoDE and the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.  Christopher Roman curated the program. Jeffrey Bullock and Prof. Ingo Diehl were also lecturing.

+ July 2017 – FField trip Cultural Capital Pafos. Pafos 2017  and MA CoDE developed and conducted a site-specific and participatory project. . + Altana Schnuppertage (Altana Kulturstiftung). Together with the dancers of The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.

+ 15. – 18.December 2016 – field trip to Berlin. Focussing on “Dance Heritage” : Pina Bausch exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau and “Palermo Palermo” at Berliner Festspiele, and Sasha Waltz’ Allee der Kosmonauten.

+ Dance teacher  – Modern Dance/Choreografic Composition + Body Conditioning  (anatomy & physiology basic theory /Pilates, etc. at DansArt Tanznetworks Bielefeld (visit Dance Official Education Program-

+ Balletschule Deutsche Oper am Rhein and

+ Präha / Weber Schule Düsseldorf – on going

+ Head of training and rehearsals  at Jan Pusch’s Dance Company Braunschweig City Theater / Germany – as well as choreog. assistence to ” Welcome To Your World” by  Jan Pusch. WELCOME TO YOUR WORLD by Jan Pusch – Trailer

Nominated for the German Theatre Award »DER FAUST« in 2015.

+ Guest teacher –  at NRW Juniorballett and Deutschen Berufsverband für Tanzpädagogik. 2015

+ Choreographer Shakespearean MI”X” Conceptions” ( first Act of the Performance “No.Fear Shakespeare” with the “Young Dansart Company” – Co-production with Theater Gütersloh (Germany) premiered on Nov.1rst 2014 in Theater Gütersloh – Conception, Choreography, Light design and Video Art: Gilda Rebello inspired by / based on “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Taming of the Shrew”, “Hamlet”, “Titus Andronicus” and” Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. Dancers: Annika Hofgesang, Danilo Cardoso, Haruka Suzuki , Kai Rosenberger, Sabrina Franz  and Sarah Klingenberg . Light design collaboration: Tchekpo Dan Agbetou and Jost Jacobfeuerborn (Short Video: No.Fear Shakespeare_Bits_Young Dansart Company

+ Singer / Dancer/ Actor Multimedia-Projekt Der Blaue Reiter ist gefallen” (Premiere: Kunst Museum Solingen) – Idee, Konzeption, Regie: Heiner Bontrup, Tanz, Schauspiel und Gesang: Gilda Rebello, Schauspiel:Gregor Henze (Wuppertaler Bühnen) Sprecherin: Claudia Gahrke, Musik: Jan Marc Reichow (Piano), Charles Petersohn,Video/Visuals:FrankN – 2014 / 15 (Tour).

+ Singer  -Vernissage – Fotografer KH. W. Steckelings  – Book: ‘Pina Bausch backstage’  – Solinger Konzerthaus  – 2014

+ Dance teacher  –  Modern Dance  and Body Conditioning + Relaxation at “Ballet Dortmund Summer Academy “ 2012/ 13 / 14 / 15 /16- (visit and “Dance Festival Bielefeld” 2012/ 13 / 14 / 15  – ( visit

+ Pilates Instructor at “Pilates Essenza” Duesseldorf.

+ Choreographer TANZ OWL Project/ Germany with the  semi-professional dancers of Dansart Academy. Pieces among others: “Primavera” (2011) “Lovebox” (2012) “Treiberei” (2013)  and “Supernova” (2014)  – choreographies videos Youtube Channel )

+ Singer/Composer – by TAPE FIVE CD “Swing Patrol” (itunes.album/swing-patrol  – ChinChin Records 2012)  Visit www.



+ Choreographer  – Bayreuth Festival August 2011


(I’ve Become Lost To The World). Songs, texts and scenes concerning Gustav Mahler – Solisten und Ensemble des 61. Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth. Regie: Dirk Schattner  / Musikalische Leitung: Wolfgang Kluge / Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Julia Bührle-Nowikowa

+ Dramaturgy + Assistence  –  Tchekpo Dance Company – Piece “THREE LEVELS” by Tchekpo Dan Agbetou (Premiére 24th Nov.2011)


+ Singer/Songwriter  – Alien Café Project, Album “METROPOL CINEMA” from Ufo Walter

Previews: ( )

(…)Und ALIEN CAFÉ hat sich für „Metropol Cinema“ prominente Unterstützung geholt unter anderem durch Sängerin Gilda Rebello. Die in Rio de Janeiro geborene Musikerin gibt „Metropol Cinema“ erst den richtigen südländischen Schwung und schrieb außerdem zahlreiche Songs des Abums.(…) Das -VÖ 08.07.2011

+ Singer  – “TAPE FIVE” Band ( from Martin Strathausen

Tours –

21 September 2013      Wedemark.     Kulturzelt       Germany

14 September 2013      Bucharest        Studio Hermes            Romania

13 September 2013      Bucharest        Studio Hermes            Romania

07 September 2013      Amsterdam    private party   Netherlands

06 June 2013                Sao Paulo        Sesc Pompeia Brazil

05 June 2013                Taubaté           Sesc Taubaté   Brazil

31 May 2013               Sofia    Sofia Live Club           Bulgaria

18 May 2013               Seoul   Olympic Park Korea (South)

08 May 2013               Jena     Volksbad         Germany

03 May 2013               Wiesbaden      Walhalla Studio          Germany

26 April 2013             Grevenmacher            (private)          Germany

29 March 2013            Bensheim        Musiktheater Rex       Germany

02 March 2013            Paris    La Bellevilloise            France

15 February 2013        Moscow          Cartier Lounge           Russian Federation

01 February 2013        Zürich Moods             Switzerland

29 November 2012     St. Petersburg Arka Bar         Russian Federation

08 September 2012      Dnepropetrovsk         Reporter          Ukraine

03 August 2012          Kaliningrad     City Jazz Festival        Russian Federation

04 May 2012               Rostock           LT-Club          Germany

27 April 2012             Aachen            Jakobshof        Germany

04 February 2012        Roubaix           Gala de l`Ensait          France

– 16.12.2011                 Ekaterinburg, Russia,

– 14.12.2011                 Moscow, promotion party

– 17.09.2011                 Essen Original Festival, Pferdemarkt, 21Uhr30

– 16.09.2011                 Basel, Swiss, SUD Club, Burgweg 7. 22Uhr

– 05.08.2011                 St. Petersburg

– 15.07.2011                 Veszprém, Hungary. Utcazene Street Festival

– 18.06.2011                 Odessa, Beachclub Plagenick, 9 p.m.

– 10.06.2011                 St.Petersburg, W Hotel,.

– 09.06.2011                 Moscow, Aist Club. Closed event

– 20.04.2011                 Novosibirsk. Art Exhibition Opening, 8 p.m.

– 18.03.2011                 WDR Literaturmarathon, Köln Germany

– 16.03.2011                 GUM, Moscow, Red Square.

– 04.03.2011                 La Bomba-Globalski. Stadtgarten,Köln

some snippets from the “TAPE FIVE” gig in Stadtgarten/Cologne :



+ Guest dancer – Aalto Theater Essen – Season 10/11 (Last Show: 19th of Mai 2011)

“DIE CSÁRDÁSFÜRSTIN”  – Operette from Emmerich Kálmán / Leo Stein and

Béla Jenbach. Director: Michael Sturminger  / Stage Cenografie: Renate Martin/Andreas Donhauser. Choreography: Craig Revel Horwood / Conductor:  Maestro Stefan Soltesz, Essener Philharmoniker


+ Guest  Singer/Dancer – Rheinische Landestheater Neuss –  Season 10/11 (Last Show: 15th of April 2011)

“CABARET MUSICAL”from Fred Ebb, John Kander. Direction:Bettina Jahnke / Stage Cenografie: Ivonne Theodora Storm. Conductor :Walter Kiesbauer / Choreography :Amy Share-Kissiov / Dramaturgy: Barbara Noth


+ Pilates Instructor –  Pilates Essenza  Studio Düsseldorf / Pilates Zeit Studio Duisburg, and Shivas Loft


+ Guest  Musical Performer  – Capitol Theater Düsseldorf – “Kein Pardon ”

Musical Creative Workshop  (2 weeks – February 2011)- – under direction of Alex Balga and Thomas Hermmans.

+ Guest Singer/Dancer (Swing)  – Oper Köln – Saisson 09/10  (last show: 29th of Mai 2010)

“KISS ME KATE” from Cole Porter

Eine Produktion der Komischen Oper Berlin

Musikalische Leitung: Koen Schoots  / Inszenierung: Barrie Kosky  / Bühne :Klaus Grünberg  / Kostüme: Alfred Mayerhofer  / Licht: Franck Evin  / Choreografie: Otto Pichler  / Chorleitung: Alexander Kral



+ Guest Singer/Dancer/Actress Part: Spider Woman/Aurora  – Theater Dortmund Premiere: 24.01.2009


Musik von John Kander / Buch von Terrence McNally / Liedtexte von Fred Ebb

basierend auf dem Roman von Manuel Puig. Musikalische Leitung Ralf Lange / Inszenierung Klaus Dieter Köhler / Bühnenbild Wolf Wanninger, Kostüme Ruth Groß.

+Singer/Songwriter “Marathon Grooves” Studio singing project “Marathon Grooves” with El Topo und Dieter Brandecker

+ Pilates Instructor – “Pilates for Men”  Workshop with Daniel Lyon

+ Singer  – “Die Batterie” Percussion Band – direction: Carsten Heinke-  17th.10.2009 – Hot Jazz Club Münster.

+ Student – English Cambridge Certificate – Advanced

+ Guest Singer/Dancer  – Duisburg Theater  (Bis ende Februar 2008)

“Kiss Me Kate” Musik und Gesangstexte von Cole Porter

Musikalische Leitung: Martin Fratz
/ Inszenierung: Norbert Kentrup
/ Kostüme: Polly Hope

Choreographie: Paul Kribbe and James de Groot


+ Singer/Dancer – Diversen Musical Galas  + “Grease – Pout Pourri Show”

German tour:

Salzgitter, Oschersleben, Neubrandenburg, Schwerin, Mainz, Bad Homburg, Frankenthal, Bad Kreuznach, Deggendorf, Straubing, Füssen, Potsdam, Weimer, Barleben, Recklinghausen, Duisburg, Dortmund, Kleve, Wiesbaden, Nürnberg, Dresden, Baden Baden, Regensburg +  about 30 more cities in Germany)




+ Guest Singer/Dancer/Part: María   – Theater Dortmund “MARÍA DE BUENOS AIRES” von Astor Piazzolla

Direction : Anja Nicklich / Musical Direction : Günther Wallner / Choreographie : Michael Ihnow

+ Guest Singer/Dancer  – Deutsche Oper am Rhein- ROM (Rhein Oper Mobil Theater)


Musik und Gesangstexte von Cole Porter

Musikalische Leitung: Martin Fratz
, Inszenierung: Norbert Kentrup
, Kostüme: Polly Hope

Choreographie: Paul Kribbe and James de Groot

+Singer/Songwriter  – PJM Studios – Produced/composed by : El Topo and Christoph Ponitz

Video on the side: Just click it

+ Singer /Songwriter   – NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC 5700 Internet  Promotion Song “Energia”  mit Andi Toma – 2007

+ Choreographer  – Theater Kassel – “LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS” Jan.2006

Musik von Alan Menken. Texte von Howard Ashman. Deutsch von Michael Kunze

Musikalische Leitung: Giulia Glennon/Jürgen Oßwald. Regie: Julia Heymann

Bühne: Daniel Roskamp. Kostüme: Sabine Böing

Choreografie: Gilda Rebello, Michael Schmieder


+ Main Singer –  “Viva Las Vegas” + After Show -Theater der Träume Düsseldorf – okt.06 bis märz 07

+ Musical performer  – SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER promotion team – Capitol Düsseldorf and tour.



+ Musical performer Part: Carmen  – Musik Theater Gelsenkirchen – Sep.2005 bis feb. 2006


Musikalische Leitung  Kai Tietje. Inszenierung  Dick Top. Bühne  Mathias Fischer-Dieskau. Kostüme  Andreas Meyer /Wolfgang Scharfenberger. Choreografie  Melissa King


+ Singer – Latin Treasures Project (Live Fado/Boleros Music)

Music Group:

Elsa Maria – Singing

Ralph Winn – Guitarre

Stephan Schott – Percussion

Petra Riesenweber – Piano

+ Main Singer -Dienstags SOUL NITE – Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf – Feb.2005 bis jul 2005

Musical Performer – AIDA MUSICAL/Stage Entertainment – Colosseum Essen- Jan. 2005 bis jul.2005

+  Booth Singer –  Düsseldorf Capitol –  Apr.2004 til jan.2005 – CATS MUSICAL/Stage Entertainment

+ Pilates Instructor –   Certificate Peak Pilates (Berlin /New York) Trainers: Eduardo Laranjeiras (Student from Romana Kryzanowska – direct follower from Josef Pilates), and Colleen Glenn – (Vogue Magazin called her: ”one of America´s top 55 trainers”)

+ Musical performer/Part: Anita – Theater Dortmund -Feb.2004 til dec.2004


from Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim

Musikalische Leitung  Timor Oliver Chadik

Inszenierung  Arthur Castro

Choreographie und Co-Regie  Marvin A. Smith

Bühne und Kostüm Knut Hetzer

Orchester Dortmund


+ Musical performer / Part: Gast Mercedes und Jessica Diamond – Ronacher Theater Wien Feb 2004 bis märz

2003 /


+ Musical Performer/Part: Alternate Mercedes,Jessica Diamond (Cover) and Cassi Flamingo    –

Capitol Theater Düsseldorf – März 2002 bis Januar 2004  -MIAMI NIGHTS MUSICAL ORIGINAL CAST

DVD Take:

+ Main Singer – Soul United Band Cologne  and Brasil AXÉ percussion Band – diversen Shows in Deutschland

+ Dancer –  Odoroka Mime Theatre in Bonn ( Geza Melezer_Lukacs)

+ Main Singer – JAZZ BOSSA NOVA TRIO  – 2001  – Diversen Shows in DE

+ Main Actress/Dancer – Kürze film für ZDF TV  Channel – “V -Cell”

+ Freelance Show Acts

Schuhe Messe Düsseldorf /Agentur :Atelier Markgraph Frankfurt / Kunde :Yellow Miles – Salamander Shoes

Hair World Fair Berlin / Agentur : Stars Unlimited Agency Hamburg / Kunde : Wella Nights – Hair Products

Bread and Butter Berlin / Agentur : Living Media Communication Kunde : Free Soul Clothes Label

Kunststoff Messe Düsseldorf / Agentur : AWZ Ratingen Kunde : DOW Chemicals

Expo 2000 Hannover / Agentur : Raloth Wuppertal Kunde : Preussag AG   ….UNTER ANDERE

+ Dancer – RODOLFO LEONI DANCE CO.  Piece: “Din Quatro”  – Tours :

7th of July 2000 – “Din quatro” Monta DÁlba Italy

15th of July 2000 – University Audimax Bielefeld

7th April 2000 – Dortmund

15th-16th June 2000 – El Gomhuria Theater – Kairo-Egypt

02th april 2000 – Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Berlin………among others.

+ Studio Singer/Songwriter – Kinder Kanal Soundtrack /Simpty Studios Essen – 1999

+ Dancer /Dance Trainer-  MARK SIECZKAREK DANCE Co.

Pieces: “Home Thoughts from Abroad”, “Sign of the Times” ,”Red Hot”, “Drops of Rain in Perfect Days of June” and “Funky Drummer” – Mark Sieczkarek Co. – 1998 bis 1999 – Tours:

28th sep.1999 – Theater Remscheid,

26th sep.1999 – Festspielhaus Recklinghausen

25th sep. 1999 – Fabrik Heeder Krefeld

21th sep.1999 – St. Reinoldi Kirche Dortmund

18th sep.1999 – Mülheim

30th april + 01.Mai 1999 – Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf

6th,7th,8th and 9th.Aug. 1998 – Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf

……+ Essen, Münster, B12 Hamburg,Wuppertal, etc.

+ Dancer/co-Choreographie – Herbst Festival Düsseldorf at “Regierungspräsidium Düsseldorf”- 18th til 23th Sep.1998.

“BELSAZAR” Opera – Georg Friedrich Händel /

Regie: Uwe Schmitz-Gielsdorf

Choreographie: Mark Sieczkarek

+ Assistant Choreographer –  FOLKWANG TANZSTUDIO ( back then Artistic Direction by PINA BAUSCH – Mai/Jun98)

Piece: “I Find Comfort” by Irene Hultmann


+ Dancer/Performer  – FOLKWANG TANZSTUDIO (damals Künstleriche Leitung PINA BAUSCH) von1994 bis 1998

Some Tours :

19th mai 1998 – Teatro auditório Feria de Muestras – Valladolid – Spain

16th and 17th mai.1998 –  Teatro  Victoria Eugenia – San Sebastian – Spain

14th mai 1998 – Theatro Principal – Bilbao – Spain

19th dec.1997 – Teatro Gustavo Modena – Genova – Italy

23th.july 1997 – Theatre Couvert – Chateauvallon – France

19th.july.1997 – Oldenburg Kultursommer – Oldenburg – Germany

27th.feb.1997 – Teatro Comunale – Firenze -Italy

25th til 28th june.1997 – Choreographisches Zentrum – Essen -Germany

04th sep.1997 – Berner Tanz Tage – Bern- Switzerland

10th til 30th -nov.1995 – Tel Aviv -Israel

15th march.1997 -Tanzprojekt Köln – Köln – Germany

8th.okt.1995 – Oppernhaus Wuppertal – Germany

San José – (Costa Rica), Amsterdam (Holland),

Avignon(France, Bozen (Italy), Landsberg, Iserlohn,

Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen (Germany)…………among many others

+ Choreographer /Dancer – “Todo Mundo quer Amor de Verdade” (Solo) and “Ridondanza” (by Enrico Tedde)


02nd and 3rd.mai.1997 – Werkstatt Bühne Düsseldorf (old Tanzhaus NRW)

19th april 1996 – Haus der Stadt Düren – Düren

31th July.1996 – Carlo Forte . Porta Leone – Italy………..among others

+ Dancer   – “Jazz Tanz Theater am Fürstenwall ” – Düsseldorf -1993 “Abstrakte Kunst”- Choreographie: Robert Solomon




+ Guest Student at the FOLKWANG UNIVERSITY ESSEN –  Bühnen Tanz – 1993-1994

Teachers:  Modern: Lutz Förster, Malou Airaudo, Dominique Merci, Jean Cebrón, Libby Nye , Ballet: Agnes Palai, Brian Bretscher, B. Jotow, Anne Marie Bennati, Cristine Kono, Alfredo Corvino, Paul Melis among others.

Including the Remake of “Offering Choreographie” by José Limón ( Remake Study: Libby Nye)


+ Assistant/Executive Production: “O Belo Indiferente” (by Jean Cocteau)with Helena Ignez -25th June til 26th July 1992

Teatro Nelson Rodrigues Rio de Janeiro

Production : Liége Monteiro

Direction: Sylvio Dufrayer




+ Dancer /Assistant Choreographer /executive Producermy own Dance Co. Together with Sylvio Dufrayer:

+Dancer/Assistant Choreographer 1992 /1991- Piece  “Os Sentidos da Paixao”, ”Impressoes Urbanas”.

+ Teacher – My own  Dance Studio in Rio de Janeiro

+ Dancer/Assistant Choreographer


Musica: Bachiana n2 3 (Prelúdio), Bachiana ns 4 (Coral), Desfile aos Heróis do Brasil – Villa-Lobos, Grande Fantasia sobre o Hino Nacional Brasil.Gottschalk. Musicas incindentais dos filmes – Sérgio R..Repentes – Barra Mansa e Lavandeira. Sintetizador (Efeitos) – Rodolfo Caesar. Percussão (Efeitos) – Malaguti

Data e Local e Estréia : 29 de Abril de 1988.

Teatro Municipal (Ouro Preto)

Figurinos : Aldemir Dutra / Iluminação : Sylvio Dufrayer

+ Choreographie Assistent    ” A í D A ” (abriu oficialmente a temporada de 1988)

Musica : Giuseppe Verdi

Data e Local de Estreia : 12 de Março de 1988

Teatro Municipal do RJ

Créditos de Produção :

Corpo de Baile, Coro e Orquestra do Teatro Municipal

Regência : Pedro Calderon, Eugene Khon e Tullio Colacioppo

Direção Cénica : Sonja Frisei

Cenografia : Gianni Quaranta

Figurino : Dada Saligeri

Iluminação : Peter Gasper

Coreografia : Sylvio Dufrayer

Assistente de Coreografia: Gilda Rebello

Elenco : Corpo de Baile do T.M.R.J. e meninos capoeiristas


+Dancer/Assistant Choreographer


Data e Local de Estréia :   19 de Março de 87

Teatro Carmélia Alves (Vitória ES)

Piece: “D 0 C E   LAR”

Titulo dos Ballets que compunham o espetáculo :

“Doce Lar”, “Carioca-kê”   e “Para Ela”

Data e Local de Estréia :

19 de Março de 86

Teatro do Liceu – Rio de Janeiro

+ Dancer – Teatro Municipal(RJ) 1986

Título : “0  GUARANY ”  (Ballets da Ópera que abriu

oficialmente a temporada do Teatro Municipal(RJ) 1986

Musica : 0 Guarany  de Carlos Gomes

Data e Local de Estréia: 12 de Março

Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Ballet da Ópera, Coro e Orquestra do T.M.R.J. (Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro)

Regência : Maestro Roberto Ricardo Duarte / Direção Cênica e Cenários : Gianni Ratto

Coordenação Artística : Fernando Bicudo


+Dancer – Piece: “Relacoes” 1985 Data e Local de Estreia : 2 de Março de 85

Teatro Armando Gonzaga (RJ)

Iluminação: Sylvio Dufrayer

Figurinos: Maria Antunes

Direção: Angela Loureiro e Sylvio Dufrayer

Elenco: Gilda Rebello e Sylvio Dufrayer

+ Professional formation as a dancer  (Modern Dance,Classical Ballet,Flamenco,etc) 1985 – INEART Rio de Janeiro and Ballet Sylvio Dufrayer.

1984 _________________________________________________________

+ Singer –  Lyrical Singing Studies.

+ Trainee Dancer – Performed the choreography” Para Ilo” from Sylvio Dufrayer with the last Year Students from INEART  -official Dance School  in Rio de Janeiro ,in these days  a.k.a.“Escola Estadual de Danca Maria Olenewa”  (

Titulo:  “PARA  I L 0 ”

Data e local de Estréia: dia 13 de novembro de 84

Teatro do Liceu  (RJ)

Figurinos: Maria Antunes

Iluminação: Sylvio Dufrayer

Elenco: Formandas da Escola Estadual de Danças Maria

Olenewa (ex-INEART)


+ Trainee Dancer -Ballet Oficina -directors Edmundo Carijó and Lourdes Braga – „Piece: „Pedro – da Vida e da Morte“ –

Award of Best Choreography (from Lourdes Braga and Edmundo Carijó) at the „Mostra de Coreógrafos Rio Arte / Theater Joao Caetano RJ.

+ Trainee Dancer – A.B.A.L. Ballet RJ – Pieces/Operas: La Traviata, Rigoletto Cavalleria Rusticana, Pagliacci (next Foto), among others.

+ Trainee Dancer  Show Noite da India – Teatro Alianca Francesa Sao Paulo – Brasil


Dance Studies /professional Formation (Ballet, Modern, Flamenco, Music , Dance Notation, Dance History, etc.) at the INEART – official Dance School  in Rio de Janeiro.

Teachers: Riva Singer, Lourdes Bastos, Wanda Garcia, Consuelo Rios, Edmundo Carijó. Aldo Lotufo among others.

Extra Dance Studies at Leda Iuqui´s (with kindly sponsorship from Leda Iuqui) and Tatiana Leskova´s privat Schools.


Festival Pascoal Carlos Magno em Arcozelo -Rio de Janeiro with the Students Group: Ballet Pro Arte under direction from Arlette Saraiva.

1981 /


…..Beginning of Studies – Ballet, Piano and Theater at „Pro – Arte“ – Foundation Theodor Heuberger/ Teresópolis -Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to a full sponsorship from Ballet teacher Arlette Saraiva and Theodor Heuberger .

Teachers: * Ballet – Arlette Saraiva,

*Piano/music theorie – Inilde Schmidt, Irma  Angela, Maestro Roberto Ricardo Duarte (Workshops), Maestro Alberto Jaffé  (Workshops) among others and  *Theater- Ilclemar Nunes (TV Educativa Rio),and Prof. Labanca. ­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________